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There are several ways to volunteer here at God's Blueprints in our ongoing mission to help people. 

We know that true help for people in the transformational changing of their lives comes only through the salvation of Jesus.  Therefore, our primary goal in all situations is presenting the Gospel to people.

While presenting the Gospel, people need to see Gospel Love in action.  We do this through various means:

          Outreaches such as Block Parties & Bible classes, Hosting & Facilitating volunteer mission teams from out of the area, providing safe transitions for addicts looking for freedom & recovery.  

     In volunteering with God's Blueprints, we try to match your heart in serving God through serving others with the needs of the people we serve. 

Learn more today!  By submitting the form below, it goes directly to one of our volunteer staff members and you will typically be contacted within 48 hours.

As with all service oriented ministries, it unfortunately takes money to operate, so one way of helping is through your financial support, whether a one-time donation or a regular donation. We make it easy to help that way! Just click on the Donate button below.

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I Want To Volunteer!

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