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I am interested in bring a team to your area for short-term mission work.

     Our partnership with visiting mission teams is limited.  We charge no fees for this partnership.  We want to help you have a faith-changing experience.  Because we are located in rural northeast Tennessee, we some some of the most crippling poverty in America.  Additionally, many people in this area were raised in church and yet still do not know Jesus as their savior!  This creates some tangible ways to effectively do ministry here. 

     We encourage mission teams to hold Bible studies, block parties, and various forms of outreach.  Our all volunteer staff at God's Blueprints has a combined 30 years of facilitating evangelistic outreaches in this area.  We are here to help you share the hope of Jesus!

     Another way visiting mission teams minister here is through handicap accessibility constructuction projects.  Through God's Blueprints, we connect your construction team with people in this are who have a need.  We pre-qualify our applicants to identify what kind of need they have so we can communicate it to you.  You work autonomously as a visiting missionaries, determining what work you can and will do.  You get to build a long-lasting relationship with the people you serve in this way.  These projects are fully funded by your team.  We always encourage your local church to participate in this way so that even your church family who could not come are a part of the kingdom work done here!  So that you know that any finances you contribute to your mission trip go where you want, we at God's Blueprints are volunteer staff, that way you know that no money is being used inappropriately or where your church didn't intend for it to be used.

Our volunteer staff typically responds to form submissions within 24 hours.

Supporting financially to God's Blueprints enables our volunteer staff to better facilitate you and your team in evangelistic efforts and handicap accessibility construction projects..

Supporting financially allows God's Blueprints to aid in restoring homeless persons to a productive life they can be proud of.

Supporting God's Blueprints financially enables us to help addicts of all kinds live a transformed life.

Thanks for submitting!

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