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What is the Day Center?

     One of the most difficult things for homeless is HYGIENE.  Taking a simple shower can make all the difference in the world in a person's outlook on life.  It is hard enough finding a safe space to sleep, but just to carry on in daily life becomes increasingly difficult when you have to duck into public bathrooms and wash-up in a sink.  Additionally, it gets really hard to find a job when you cannot even get clean.  

     The Day Center will provide a place where our homeless population may come and take a shower, brush their teeth, and have a safe place to practice good hygiene.  Furthermore, we will be able to provide a centralized location for contractors, farmers, and other employers to pick up a person for day labor.  having working in the construction trades, our volunteer staff understands the importance of having that extra set of hands on some projects.

     By providing the Day Center, we can also provide a location for addiction counseling, life skills & job skills training, pastoral counseling, and a site for centralized information so our homeless population may learn about the opportunities available to them.

     With our volunteer staff able to meet with them one on one, we can walk with them on their journey of restoration in life.  The mission of God's Blueprints is to see each person have their life restored in society by way of God's design!

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God's Blueprints is a 501(c)3 nonprofit PENDING organization

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