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I want to help the homeless in bad weather!

Being homeless is difficult enough. Low self-worth, not knowing where that next meal may come from, where to  safely lay your head at night are all worries of the homeless.  Part of God's Blueprints mission is to provide sleeping bags, tents, and tarps as needed.  

Foul weather items needed:

                                                 > New adult sleeping bags

                                                 > 6'x8' tarps

                                                 > fully functional adult 2-3 man back packable tents

                                                 > durable back packs (not children's back to school style)

                                                 > Men's & Women's NEW socks and underwear

I Want To HELP with the Bad Weather Needs

Thanks for submitting!


Please consider donating today, any amount.  Your generous donation helps us help others! Even a one-time donation of just $30 can make a giant difference in someone's life. 

I want to thank you in advance for your help!

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