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Life Coaching for life, Sobriety, and Mental Health

     Some times in life we need that trusted neutral person to talk to.  Sometimes a crisis in our life, sometimes on-going difficulties, sometimes just not for any definable reason, we just feel overwhelmed.  It's okay.  It happens to all of us and having someone we can trust to listen to us and be our personal cheerleader is just what we need to find our success.  

What We Offer

     God's Blueprints offers life Coaching.  We are not therapists or counselors.  What we are is a  qualified trustworthy friend who can be here to listen to what is going on in your life, help you to identify your personal goals, and to cheer you on while you are reaching them!  Whether the situation in your life is substance abuse, addiction recovery, surviving domestic violence, childhood or adult trauma, struggling with your faith, or any number of situations; we are here for you.  At times, a person has a therapist or consoler.  We strive to supplement and undergird your established professional help. 

     Tammy Helton has a background of experience in mental health, physical disabilities, addiction recovery, and most importantly, a mature Christian walk.  With more then three decades of people ministry experience, she has the know-how to be there for you. 

     Our one-on-one sessions are completely free of charge, but are by appointment.   Sometimes people need an emergency session, and we understand that.  We do accept walk-in's, but only while our Day Center is open and only as we can see a walk-in.  Once a person is established as one of our coaching clients, we often provide a way to contact us after hours when a persons case warrants it.  Your well-being is important to us. 


Tammy Helton


(423) 327 -3610


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