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Substance Abuse Recovery Meetings

                    We apologize but our meetings are                                          temporarily suspended.
                            We know this will help:

Rogersville Recovery Meetings:
MONDAY: Crossroads (6:30 pm) at The Shepherd's Center - 306 E. Main St. Rogersville
TUESDAY: A.A. (7:30 pm) at the Shepherd's Boutique - 210 E. Main ST. Rogersville
WEDNESDAY: smart (7:00 pm) Forward Flag - 3815 Tennessee Highway 66, Suite 1, Rogersville
THURSDAY: N.A. (7:00 pm) Faith Assembly Church - 106 Blevins RD. Rogersville
SATURDAY: D.A.A. (7:00 pm) Forward Flag - 3815 Tennessee Highway 66, Suite 1, Rogersville
SUNDAY: A.A. (7:00pm) Shepherd's Boutique - 210 E. Main ST. Rogersville

HELP! I want a clean, sober, and productive life

Our apologies, but our Substance Abuse Recovery meetings are temporarily suspended until further notice.

We can help connect you with other substance abuse recovery meetings in our area.


     Get down here and see us!  We are ready to help you get into rehab. We work hard to find you a bed in a rehab that costs you nothing but your commitment to be clean and sober!

     We are located at 205 S. Armstrong Rd. Rogersville.

     Call us between 10am & 3pm m-f at (423)327-3610 

Our mission in helping people who are trapped in addiction and/ or are homeless is to help you see your life transformed.  We work one on one helping to address your needs.  We recognize that each person is different and has different needs.  We are here to help meet your individual needs.

We follow God's design for your benefit.  We do not engage in ineffective programs that are designed to keep and trap you in lifestyle cycles that do not benefit you. 

All information you provide us with is considered confidential and we do not share.  If we find ourselves in a position where your information must be shared, we will make all attempts to notify you before sharing anything!  You mean the world to us.  God said that you are precious, He made no exceptions to that statement, and because God said you are precious, we believe you are precious.

We are going to need a way to contact you.  

Whatever information you can provide in our contact form will help us to help you.

One of our staff will automatically get notified, and will normally respond within 24 hours

If this is an emergency, please call 911

How Can We Help?

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Sometimes, we can help others even when we are struggling ourselves. If you are able to help by donating to God's Blueprints, you may do so by clicking the button below!

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